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Top Ten Best Identity Theft Protection Service 2021

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Top Best Identity Theft Protection Service 2021

Millions of Americans have been affected by Identity Theft. Be vigilant. Protect yourself and your family.

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Top 10 Best Identity Theft Protection Services

PrivacyStrong is one of the strongest protection against identity theft powered by ID Early Warning System and with the best customer service support available. 

✔ Up to $25,000 no deductible insurance coverage
✔ Coverage available to you, your spouse, qualified domestic partner, children under 18, and parents 
✔ Criminal Background Monitoring
✔ ID Early Warning System scans an expanded set of public data sources


LifeLock and Norton are now part of one company giving you all-in-one protection for your identity, devices, and online privacy.

✔ Up to $1M insurance coverage
✔ Annual 3-bureau credit reports 
✔ Identity and SSN Alerts


Identity Guard is one of the most powerful ID theft service that uses the artificial intelligence capabilities of IBM’s Watson computing system

✔ Up to $1M insurance coverage
✔ IBM Watson® AI
✔  Identity and SSN Alerts


MyCleanID – is a comprehensive ID theft protection that provides a software to protect your data on your computer and on the internet.

✔ Up to $1M ID theft insurance coverage
✔ MyCleanID Privacy Software that protects your personal data stored on your computer
✔  Credit Bureau Monitoring


IdentityForce – a Sontiq brand, offers proven identity, privacy, and credit security solutions.

✔ Up to $25k ID theft insurance coverage
✔ You get unlimited TransUnion report access
✔  Easily lock & unlock credit reports


Zander Identity Theft – an affordable yet smart protection against identity theft.

✔ Repays You Up to $1,000,000 for Stolen Funds and Expenses
✔ Proactive Monitoring & Alerts
✔  Kids Protected at No Cost with Family Plan*


TransUnion Identity Theft – an affordable yet smart protection against identity theft.

✔ Up to $25k ID theft insurance coverage
✔ You get unlimited TransUnion report access
✔  Easily lock & unlock credit reports

3.9/5 ScoreSense® – a reliable ID theft protection service that offers comprehensive report and monitoring.

✔ Up to $1M ID theft insurance coverage
✔ 3 Credit Scores & Reports
✔  Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts


How to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

Even before you’ve finished reading the title, a new victim of identity theft has been added to the list, and surprisingly every 2 seconds thereafter.

Identity theft is becoming a vicious online hitman with a rising number of victims without you knowing it. In fact, 16.7 million people in the United States fell victim in 2018 alone, with an accumulated $16 billion of damage according to a report.

One major contributing factor is the growing popularity of eCommerce. Almost 2 billion people worldwide shop online, with a vast majority of them do so more frequently. The online retail revenue is also quite shocking as it hit more than 4 trillion worldwide sales in 2020 and is expected to hit 6 trillion in the next 3 years.

Aside from identity theft, data breaches come second to the threats we’re facing. In 2017, 179 million personal records were exposed according to Identity Theft Resource Center. Your personal information may also be at risk if you don’t stay vigilant from “low-tech” phishing or malware attacks of any kind.

Why getting an ID theft protection tool is a must?

Identity theft doesn’t actually feel like a real thing until it happens to you. While some people may see online protection tool solutions as a “nice-to-have” rather than a requirement, given the risk, it’d be a huge advantage if you consider it an investment.

ID theft protection tool provides a strong security assurance when you do your errands online. It makes you a lot more comfortable paying bills, shopping online, sharing information on social media, and many other online activities you usually do. Some of these tools offer free time-limited trial periods and exclusive discounts upon subscription.

How does the ID theft protection tool work? 

With advanced technologies and innovative data, ID theft protection services today make the world wide web a safe environment for users. The features monitor payment transactions especially credit cards, social media interactions, email communications, and other online activities and negotiations. 

The main goal of ID theft protection services generally is to mitigate your risk of being a victim of identity theft. It instantly tracks your information when it got stolen or used with any malicious intent.

When there’s an attack alert, these services will be in charge of recovering your identity, reimbursing your stolen funds, and providing access to lawyers and professional support at any time. They serve as online police officers that are ready to act on your behalf and save you whenever there’s a fraud going on.

If you want the best ID protection services, you must first consider looking for the features and capabilities listed below:

  • Real-time monitoring of financial transactions
  • Tracks any changes in credit score
  • Access to professional lawyers, Identity Restoration Specialists, and other experts
  • Dark Web searches
  • Social media activity monitoring
  • On the lookout for information stealing or selling
  • Reimbursement of stolen funds of up to $1 million
  • Insurance policy
  • Assistance in filing court records and bookings
  • Notifications when there’s a crime reported under your name
  • Protection on lost wallet and funds
  • Automated email monitoring
  • US Postal Service
  • 24/7/365 customer support



Secure your social security number and know about addresses associated with it


Detects any malicious activity that intends to take over your personal bank accounts or loans on your behalf

Sex offenders

Be informed whenever a previous offender moves into a place near you.

Driver’s license

Get alerts once someone tries to use your driver’s license suspiciously and without consent.

However, not all ID protection services can offer you all the features and capabilities mentioned. To aid you in finding the best option, you may opt to read through some of the most comprehensive reviews about the top identity protection services in the market.

Here are some of the highly recommended ID theft protection tools for you:


  • Reliable internet security and protection
  • Offers a variety of protection plans for every need, including plans for family
  • Gives fast notifications and quick alerts when there’s malicious activity (activity alerts, dark web, threat alert, and more)
  • Access to experts and a personal manager all throughout the process
  • Keeps track of credit score with all 3 credit bureaus
  • With $25,000 insurance policy, including stolen fund reimbursement
  • 60-day money-back guarantee with annual membership
  • Dedicated restoration specialists 


  • Secures your browsing activity when using public WiFi
  • Services include Norton Antivirus for additional protection
  • Gives alerts using different channels such as texts, emails, and mobile app
  • Provides reimbursement of funds of up to $1 million, depending on your plan
  • Antivirus and protection from cyber threats
  • 60-day money-back guarantee with annual membership
  • Security and VPN for families using PCs, Macs, and other devices
  • Access to lawyers and professionals
  • Home title monitoring

Zander Identity Theft

  • Recover personal information with Certified Recovery Specialists
  • Provides proactive monitoring and gives real-time alerts to users
  • Reimburses stolen funds and other fees up to $1 million
  • Gives protection for kids for free when you avail a family plan
  • Covers almost all kinds of identity theft; medical theft, tax fraud, child ID theft, home title fraud, and many more
  • Highly affordable
  • Regular and dark-web searches for personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support from a dedicated US-based team

Protect your identity – now!

As we live in a world where everything is going digital, our personal information becomes all the more exposed to cyberattacks. Although it’s inevitable not to provide financial information, security numbers, and even personal photos while doing online errands, remaining vigilant and not letting your guards down is the way to go.

To provide a firm layer of security, an ID theft protection service is a big help. It ensures your safety from potential scammers and keeps them away from your personal information at all times.

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